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The Janitorial Agency helps existing and start-up janitorial businesses through its Entrepreneur Program:. This program grants a person the luxury of owning their own business without the hassle of being a cleaning franchisee. This means that those who invest in the Entrepreneur Program encounter no hidden costs for obtaining their own business on their own (royalties, volume fees, management fees, administration fees, etc) and entrepreneurs don't have to rely on their own efforts, the Janitorial Agency will get entrepreneurs guaranteed contract opportunities for their business. The Janitorial Agency offers janitorial companies the freedom of running their own business, and having their own brand, with the much needed stability and structure of a successful enterprise cleaning business.

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The janitorial industry has one of the highest turn over rates (94% in their first year) when it comes to janitorial companies going out of business. Not only does the janitorial industry have the highest turn over rates, it also has so many entrepreneurs that lack professionalism. The Janitorial Agency's goal is to prevent this by helping create complete business development.

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With very little investment, The Janitorial Agency's Entrepreneur Program is the easiest way to give people the business independence they are looking for, but with better support and training than other cleaning franchise systems. A master franchise will teach people in the Entrepreneur Program how to grow their business, not just how to maintain it. The Janitorial Agency not only provides the best support, we give cleaning contractors in the Entrepreneur Program a guarantee on the investment they make with an average return of  3 to 5 times their investment. The Janitorial Agency has the solution cleaning companies need to give them the best chance of success that their business is striving for. Visit some of our successful Janitorial businesses and their Testimonies.

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  • $240,000 in GUARANTEED business opportunities
  • An Unique Complete Business Model
  • No Royalties
  • An Unique Complete Business Model
  • Consulting and 40+ Training Courses
  • Website and Logo Development

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