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The Janitorial Agency is a group of highly trained and skilled marketing and consulting professionals. The staff at The Janitorial Agency stands for something greater than themselves, they stand for you and thousands such as yourself. The Janitorial Agency is in business to provide you with success. To better understand who The Janitorial Agency is, it’s helpful to rule out who they’re not. The Janitorial Agency is not a cleaning franchise system; they’re a marketing and consulting agency with your business’ success in mind.

The Janitorial Agency has been approached by franchise systems to sell the agency to them at highly tempting offers. The Janitorial Agency has refused such offers because they are in business for the right reason. Steve Conner and Dan Carey started this business out of concern for the entrepreneurs who wanted to run a successful cleaning business, but for one reason or another, just couldn’t get their business off the ground. Steve and Dan ran a lucrative cleaning business with over 70 contracts at a gross earning rate of $1 million a year. From this experience, they learned how to navigate through the commercial cleaning business jungle and were led to show thousands of others how to do the same.

The Janitorial Agency trains independent cleaning entrepreneurs more thoroughly than any of their competitors. With over 20 training courses ranging from proper cleaning procedures to the art of sales, the companies trained by The Janitorial Agency are fully equipped to run their own business.

The Janitorial Agency is also on the cutting edge of service. Your consultant will walk you through all of your courses, questions, and business development steps each week until you are fully capable to operate and successfully manage your commercial cleaning business. And whenever you have a question, ask. There’s no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to running a business. If you think it, you can ask it, free from judgment.

The Janitorial Agency has three teams that work together to make their client’s experience as positive and effective as possible. Team A marketing executives consult clients ahead of their purchase to help them decide if The Janitorial Agency is the best solution for their current situation. Team B personnel acquire commercial cleaning contracts for their clients at an ever growing pace. Team C consultants guide clients through training, assist in branding and marketing their clients, and help them overcome business obstacles on a daily basis.

If you have considered opening a commercial cleaning company servicing commercial buildings, you owe it to yourself to research The Janitorial Agency. The Janitorial Agency has made over 1,400 cleaning companies successful. One of the most common analogies people use to describe The Janitorial Agency is that they’re like training wheels. The Janitorial Agency helps their clients to the point where they can achieve success independently, on their own. But The Janitorial Agency won’t do their clients any good if the client doesn’t start to pedal. The training program with The Janitorial Agency is logical and to the point. They make the education convenient for clients so that it’s neither complicated nor boring.

94% of companies fail within the first year of their start-up. If you don’t want to become part of this staggering statistic, do your research. Clients who complete the training program provided by The Janitorial Agency are guaranteed success. If you have always dreamed of owning your own successful, independently owned and operated commercial cleaning business, the choice is clear. Only one company provides exactly what you are looking for. You can always try to get there on your own. If you want to provide yourself with a road map to your business’ success, going with The Janitorial Agency is something you will be glad you looked into.

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