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The Janitorial Agency will provide you everything you need to take your business from the bottom directly to the top. The mission of TJA is to help your company become a large size Building Service Contractor (BSC). If you are looking for long term success, TJA will provide you a platform from which to grow your independent business.

With TJA you will never be charged royalties, renewals, or administrative fees.

The Basic Programs initial investment is $8,900 (USD), The Janitorial Agency offers everything you will need to start your own business. TJA provides industry leading support and training beyond what you would get from investing in a franchise, with the luxury of running your own cleaning company. This type of freedom affords you to set your own standards, goals, and work ethic to create a business that is controlled by you. We also provide many necessary tools to brand your business such as: (all included)

  • Operations Manual
  • Business and Marketing Plan Development
  • Over 20 Training Courses with Live Consulting
  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Optimization
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Development
  • Guaranteed minimum Business Volume Opportunities
  • Last, but not least, TJA produces business volume opportunities for the life of your business!

Is This Program Right For You?

By working with The Janitorial Agency, you are investing in your future. TJA provides you with an average of thirty percent profit margin, compared to the industry average of fifteen percent. With this investment, we guarantee an industry best $64,000.00 minimum business volume opportunities within the first 6 months upon the successful completion of your training. Unlike franchises, TJA does not charge any hidden fees: royalty, business volume, administrative, management, invoicing and/or documentation fees, only a one time 20% commission on contracts obtained on your behalf. We also do not charge you for the contracts you obtain on your own. As you grow your business, we do not take over management or ownership of your business.

Breaking down the tasks TJA completes for your company, you will save more than $30,000.00 in the first year. Website optimization, for example, would cost you between $8,000.00 and $12,000.00 per year alone. TJA provides this service, which is included in all the TJA programs. There are many other benefits that are included in our programs to save you time and the financial hassle of doing it yourself and contracting with several other companies to execute everything TJA does for you!

In 2008, ninety four percent of all companies registered in the United States failed within the first six months of their short existence (see information pack chart 1.3). Some experts say it is because of the lack of business consulting, some experts say it is because of a lack in marketing power. Which ever expert you prefer to believe, TJA has provided a system which has proven to beat the natural odds of your business failing (see information pack chart 1.4). TJA has the marketing power and professional consultants to effectively take your business whether failing or prospering and turn it into a great success.

Committing to an Entrepreneur Program with TJA is committing to the survival and exponential growth of your company!


After all documentation is returned to TJA, you will be scheduled for orientation. Orientation is designed to cover all expectations for the program.

TJA will provide an initial training program. TJA will provide you with online access to the program portal which contains all segment 1 and 2 training videos and support.

TJA will help you develop a website complete with design. The Search Engine Optimization Process will begin once design is complete.

Business Card development will occur.

Training Program

TJA provides an initial training program to you when begin your Basic Program, which covers marketing for janitorial accounts, account retention and administration and developmental structure of your business (see Information Pack Table 1.2). Instructional materials and methods include manuals, videos and personalized instruction. You must complete the initial training to TJAs standard. There is no separate charge to attend the initial training, but you must cover your own travel and living expense while attending final training certification phase 1.

After Training is Complete:

  • TJA will provide you with advertising and marketing materials or samples of these materials for you to use during the term of the Agreement.
  • TJA will market your company to all customers in your territory who need janitorial services and perform tasks such as proposal submittal and walkthrough schedules. Your minimum contract opportunities will be fulfilled within the first 6 months after the successful completion of your training.
  • You must maintain one or more telephone numbers dedicated for your business which will be listed in web directories and your website servicing the Territories and any such adjacent or nearby areas TJA may designate.

Basic Summary:

Basic Program:
Cost: $8,900.00
Minimum Business Volume opportunities within 6 months: $64,000.00

The Basic Program is backed by an agreement which outlines the expectations for the program. The agreement is available once we have determined qualification and approval. Included in your agreement is the minimum business volume opportunities guarantee as well as all other TJA promises.

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