The Janitorial Agency | Contract Acquisitions Team

Providing commercial cleaning contracts to independent cleaning companies

The contract acquisitions department is where The Janitorial Agency markets independent contractors that are in The Janitorial Agency’s network to facilities that are in need of janitorial services. The advantage of The Janitorial Agency’s model compared to our competitors is that we allow every contractor to keep their independence. Which gives The Janitorial Agency the 5 to 1 advantage.

The contract acquisitions team makes a commission (finders fee) off the contracts that The Janitorial Agency obtains for the contractors that are in our network. This commission is an up front contract fee (24 to 1 advantage) charged to each contractor for every contract that is acquired through The Janitorial Agency.

How We Get You Cleaning Contracts

The contract acquisitions team has several avenues it uses to get The Janitorial Agency’s clients commercial cleaning contracts. For all of The Janitorial Agency’s clients who need commercial cleaning contracts, the contracts acquisition team is their best friend. Sue Bowers and Rosanna Aldrich work diligently to get as many contracts for their clients as possible. Everybody wins when clients receive work.

Sue said, “We send our clients out to the facility in need of service for a free, no obligation, walkthrough. But before our clients can get a contract, they have get key information back to us in the office so that we can determine what the quote should be. We don’t do cookie cutter quotes. Every quote is considered by how labor intensive the job will be. We charge based on how long it will take to do the job with excellence according to each facilities wants and needs.”

Sue concluded, “We then get the quotes together for the facilities needing our customer’s services. I have a lot of satisfied customers. YMCA, day cares, recreation facilities, high end day salons, retail stores are just a few of the types of places our clients have received contracts from. I love telling people that we’ve just gotten a contract for them, it’s the best part of my job.”

The Agent with the Contracting Team

Who is TJA’s agent?

The agent is a representative from the contracting acquisition team of The Janitorial Agency’s corporate model. The job description of The Janitorial Agency’s agent is similar to an independent insurance agents’. The independent insurance agent represents multiple insurance companies and sells that insurance to different customers. Just like an independent insurance agent, The Janitorial Agency’s agent represents multiple janitorial contractors and sells their services to facilities that need commercial cleaning services. The Janitorial Agency’s agent is the representative who will perform all walk throughs and build rapport with the facilities that need janitorial services.

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