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Qualifying Commercial Cleaning Companies

  • Every commercial cleaning and janitorial service company in our network is subjected to a rigorous screening process; including passing a complete training program
  • Screening commercial cleaning companies aids us in ensuring the quality of the cleaning services provided by the commercial janitorial companies in our network, meaning only the highest quality cleaning companies are bidding for each facility's business

At The Janitorial Agency, our goals of ensuring the high quality of cleaning services provided by the janitorial companies in our network is achieved through our meticulous pre-screening and qualification process. Each and every commercial cleaning company that wants to be in our network is subjected to this screening process; making sure that only companies that are qualified to provide superior cleaning services and have a track record of excellent service will be bidding for each facility's business.

In addition, the screening we perform is a continual process. Commercial cleaning companies that underperform are given warnings and if no improvement is made, the janitorial company is removed from our network. Normally, the work a facility would perform before hiring a new cleaning company would include checking references, performing background checks, verifying insurance and completing other checks and balances. Our service provides each facility with everything they need, except for making the final decision on which company to choose. With The Janitorial Agency, each facility is able to compare cleaning services and prices of different commercial cleaning companies that bid for their business.

Commercial Cleaning Company 30 point Screening Process

Our commercial cleaning company screening process involves multiple steps that are critical to ensuring the quality of the commercial cleaning and janitorial companies in our network. The list below gives a brief overview of the screening process that every janitorial service company in our network is subjected to.

  • Qualified References
  • Background Checks
  • Quality Control Checklist
  • Liability Insurance
  • Financial Reports
  • DBA Information
  • Workers Compensation
  • Over 23 other training courses

These steps help ensure that only qualified companies with high standards and experience in providing excellent cleaning services will be able to provide commercial cleaning price quotes to facilities that need janitorial services. Learn more about what we do and the advantages of working with us.

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