Becoming a Commercial Cleaning Entrepreneur

How The Janitorial Agency can turn your janitorial company into a successful, independent business

Congratulations! If you are reading articles about entrepreneurship, you are considering the exciting world of self-employment. The Janitorial Agency was founded by Steve Conner and Dan Carey around the time when all the dot-com companies started to turn up their toes and went bust. These two men chose to use their powerful skills to prosper in the growing, recession proof, $150 billion commercial cleaning industry, and now use their talents to show others how to do the same.

By the time these two entrepreneurs finished with the first leg of their combined journey as commercial cleaners, they had over 70 commercial cleaning contracts with about $1 million in annual revenue. It was then they chose to set up an office whose sole purpose was to show entrepreneurs how to be as successful as they had been; hence, the beginning of The Janitorial Agency.

smiling womanFree enterprise is what separates The Janitorial Agency from the industry’s franchisors. Should you desire to begin what could one day become a commercial cleaning empire, an empire you can sell or leave to your children, you may wish to contact The Janitorial Agency. When you do, you will discover why even our franchise competitors want to acquire our one-of-a kind business model for themselves. It’s true; but since franchisors do not embrace free enterprise, The Janitorial Agency has no interest in sharing in their large profit margins. To forfeit such information would be to disempower the clients The Janitorial Agency has so rigorously fought to motivate and liberate.

8 Reasons to start your own commercial cleaning business

There are several reasons for going into business. Why would you want to remain at somebody else’s beckoned call when you have a mind of your own and have enough business sense to rival, or surpass, your current supervisors? Why waste away in a job that is depleting your very spirit? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then it’s a safe assumption that one, or more, of the following eight reasons for going into business for yourself apply to you:
  1. You’ve seen the competition and know you can do a better job
  2. You want to be in control of your job security
  3. You want to choose how much you make and when you get paid
  4. You’ve experienced, first hand, the glass ceiling in your current job and want to see how high you can get on your own
  5. You’ve been dismissed, for whatever the reason, from your current job
  6. You fantasize about a sort of freedom reserved only for an entrepreneur
  7. You want to work for more than just a paycheck
  8. You’d like to have independence, everyday, at work

Chances are, you have seen all eight of these reasons throughout your career, and
just can’t wait to begin the next phase, a phase where anything is possible. When you enter a relationship with The Janitorial Agency, it’s for the life of your business. We act as your advisor. Our business model is so air-tight, that we promise that when you follow our directions, your business will enjoy unrivaled success.

The main difference between franchisors and The Janitorial Agency lies in the issue of control. Franchisors give and take away contracts at their sole discretion. And, for every contract a franchisor generates, the franchisor receives royalties and commission for that contract. Moreover, if a person is with a franchise and acquires a contract by their own means, the franchisor reserves all rights to that contract as well. This means that the franchisor can take that contract away for any reason, with or without notice, all the while receiving commission and royalties on their clients’ hard work. If you wish to embrace the essence of free enterprise, you will discover that a franchisor is far too constrictive and unfair to satisfy your thirst for independence. The Janitorial Agency provides you the marketing and advertising power to build your own business.

However, The Janitorial Agency is quite different. The Janitorial Agency encourages its clients to get out there and acquire their own contracts. When a successful client acquires their own contract, The Janitorial Agency receives no commission. Even if The Janitorial Agency provides a client with a contract, the commission rate is only 20%. There are never royalties to be paid, and the contracts are always in the clients’ business’ name. Which begs the question: ‘Why would a person choose to go with a franchise?’

woman writingThe answer is two-fold. First of all, the commercial cleaning industry’s franchisors tell people that they will own their own business, and people believe that half-truth until push comes to shove, and franchisees begin to lose contracts through no fault of their own. Secondly, franchisors promise security but do not deliver. How can a person enjoy security after losing a cleaning contract that they were enjoying success with? All of The Janitorial Agency’s clients who were once with a franchise are relieved by the simple, ethical manner in which The Janitorial Agency conducts its business.

That’s the plus side of running your own cleaning business with The Janitorial Agency, but since this article is about entrepreneurship, it would be unbalanced if it didn’t include the cons of entrepreneurship. You’re going to make less money in your first year of business than you’d like. Consider it as a dues paying session. We’d all love to start at the top of Trump Tower, but even Donald Trump had to start with building a foundation. The good news is that you could enjoy relatively high profit margins as an independent janitorial business owner.

Another con comes in the form of naysayers. You will probably have some people who are in your life who will say, ‘You’ll never make it. Get a real job!’ Pay them no mind. Columbus had to argue with naysayers who declared the world was flat. But he proved them wrong, didn’t he? Your husband or wife may not be in agreement with your decision which could make your dream difficult to realize, but you can “sell” them on your vision. Get them on your side as early as possible; after all, salesmanship is something that you, as a business entrepreneur, will need to become comfortable with. Your loved ones love you, and want what’s best for you. Fear is a four letter word, and a seeming lack of security is a sure way of bringing that spirit to the surface, which means that you will have to be courageous in your attempt to defend your dream. Sooner or later, they’ll come on board.

When it comes to making a prosperous living as an entrepreneur in the commercial cleaning industry, your success depends on how much you know. The Janitorial Agency teaches its clients everything about running an empire. The only question that remains is: Does your desire to succeed overpower your fear of failure? If it does, then you may wish to contact The Janitorial Agency, and begin the most exciting and rewarding journey of your life.

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