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The Basic Janitorial Program: is designed for start-up companies or companies who desire to hold their services to a higher standard and add consistent business volume opportunities to their newly established janitorial company. The Basic Janitorial Program can also jump start a janitorial company that may just need initial business volume opportunities to get their business going again.


  • An average of $100,000 in business volume opportunities
  • Website development
  • Logo design
  • Business card development
  • Over 20 courses of janitorial industry training
  • Lifetime janitorial consulting
  • Janitorial Business and marketing plan training
  • Janitorial Business Volume Opportunity training
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • ...and so much more! Learn more about our Basic Janitorial Program

COST $8,900


The Premier Plus Janitorial Program is an exclusive program offered by The Janitorial Agency which has been designed for experienced janitorial industry entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in this program have the determination, skills, and ability to successfully handle and operate a multi-million dollar janitorial company.


  • No Required Janitorial Training videos and exams
  • Starting at $240,000.00 Janitorial Business Volume Opportunities
  • Get Janitorial Business Volume Opportunities up to 5 times faster than Basic Janitorial Program
  • Guaranteed Janitorial Business Volume Opportunities based on annual gross revenue
  • Maintain janitorial proposal bidding decisions (hourly rates)with "Bid-To-Win" feature
  • Customizable Program (sliding scale); based upon how much Janitorial Business Volume Opportunities your cleaning company needs
  • ...and so much more! Learn more about our Premier Plus Janitorial Program.

COST $20,500.00

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