Entrepreneur Program Benefits

Cost and Freedom Benefits

No Royalties
All our competitors charge you fees for the lifetime of your contract; one of those fees are called royalties. Royalties are charged because you have to pay to represent the company; you cannot use a franchises name without being charged for it. We will never charge you royalties because you are able to have your own business, not someone else's. It's your business that you create; you come up with the name and you make the decisions on how you want to manage it. You are in complete control!
No volume fees
Franchises will charge you a business volume fee. A business volume fee is a charge based on how much business you want. In effect, you end up paying upfront every time you want new business volume (more contracts). We only charge a one time finders fee per contract that we establish for your janitorial company.
No hidden fees or charges
We show you exactly what we will be charging. We give you the freedom with professional support to grow your business and we do not add any additional charges for the support.
Only a one time finders fee (contract fee) will be charged
We only charge a one time fee per contract that we help establish for your company. We only ask for a one time, 20% commission per contract we find for your company.
NO FEES for contracts that you establish on your own
We don't charge you any fee's for the contracts or new business you establish on your own. It's simple: we won't charge your company fee's if you don't need our assistance.
No low bidding
Our commission is added on top of the bid of each contract, so it does not effect your bottom line. For example, if you want us to charge $20 per hour on each contract we bid for you, we will add our commission fee of 20% (=$4), to make the bid $24 per hour.
You invoice the customer
You have control of the contract. There is no franchise controlling how to, what to, and when to with the customer. We guide you every step of the way, but do not tell you what you will or won't do. Remember this is your business.

Company Branding

Training and Consulting

  • Over 20 Training Courses
  • Certification Courses
  • Hands on Training
  • Consulting
  • Complete Business Development Training

What Entrepreneur Program is the best fit for you?

The Basic Program

  • Starting up or adding to your current commercial cleaning company to get average business volume opportunities of $100,000 or more.

The Premier Plus Program

  • If your goal is building your existing commercial cleaning company into an enterprise and having gross sales in the millions with an average business volume opportunity of $400,000 in the first year, the Premier Plus Program may be right for you.

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