The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems Business Model

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The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems is an Opportunity for entrepreneurs, business professionals to invest and make an impact in the commercial cleaning industry. The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems is a professional marketing and consulting franchise opportunity in the growing $170 Billion building maintenance industry.

The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems (JAFS) offers a business model so unique that even our competitor's franchisees come to us looking for help. What can we offer that our competition does not? We teach people how to be successful while remaining independent. Our competition's unit franchisees barely scrape by after paying royalties, volume fees, and marketing fees. With only a minimal start-up fee (which, unlike yearly royalties, is a one-time fee), and a one-time finders fee for only the contracts we provide, contractors within our network are given our tested and proven business model for profitable success. With very little investment, The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems offers programs that give entrepreneurs the business independence they are looking for. Our Master Franchise program mirrors the vision and similar operation responsibilities as The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems and thus obtains similar rights and profits as corporate. Within their area of contractual choice, Master Franchisees develop, own, and operate every part of The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems corporate and the contractors within their exclusive territory.

What can The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems do for you?

  • You will not have to hassle with the actual cleaning itself
  • There is a high growth potential; every facility and commercial property you can think of is a prospect
  • There is very low overhead; few employees are required
  • The Commercial Cleaning Industry is very robust, it is practically "recession proof"
  • The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems capitalizes on the growing "outsourcing" trend
  • The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems model lets you spend time growing your business, not performing daily cleaning and managing operations yourself
  • You do not have to wait to get paid on your contracts throughout the whole contract cycle like other cleaning franchise systems
  • You get paid for contracts first The 24 to 1 Advantage
  • Professional Business-to-Business market, rather than the Residential market
  • Proven business model that has worked for The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems

What sets The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems apart?

To begin, The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems is not brand new to the cleaning industry. We are an established company and have already developed businesses in over 53 cities in Canada and the United States. Depending on your desired territory and investment level, we may offer our Master Franchisees established businesses that can be inherited throughThe Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems Support system, based on the contractors and Facilities that are already set up in a particular territory. With Master Franchise investments starting at $25,000, The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems offers one of the highest ROI models in the industry. How do we do it? We charge all marketing fees upfront for contracts that we establish for our contractors (unit franchisees). Our competition spreads this fee out over the life of the contract 1-4 years (sometimes even longer); this method can end up losing you money when a unit franchisee defaults or refuses to pay on any given month. In addition, depending on your territory and the number of clients within it, you may be able to send five different companies on a walk-through, and submit five different proposals for the bid, giving you a better chance for one of your contractors to be given the contract. Not to mention the fact that if the first contractor who is given the contract fails, you are able to re-sell the contract to another contractor within your network.

Not only all this, but The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems has one of the best Support Systems in the industry. Our support staff works around the clock to provide the best service to you and your clients. We are continually seeking ways to stay current and active in the ever-changing commercial cleaning industry; all clients are able to be green-clean certified, and we can supply all green products for clients who wish to use them.


Exclusive areas start at $25,000!

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