The Commercial Cleaning Industry Growth & Demand

How the Janitorial Agency can help you succeed in this recession-proof industry

The Commercial cleaning industry is a very high turnover industry. Although there is a massive demand for efficient, dependable commercial cleaning services, traditional and conventional cleaning companies experience the largest turnover. Companies are losing up to 80 percent of their cleaning contracts annually due to the lack of quality service, reliability, professionalism and a cleaning companies ability to stay in business. This large turnover offers a tremendous opportunity for growth for The Janitorial Agency because we focus on helping companies keep a high quality control system. Every company in the network keeps the same business model and performs at a higher level since each cleaning company goes through a rigorous training system, increasing their potential to keep contracts longer than other typical cleaning companies. We have a network built with a matrix system that measures the quality control, company size, cash flow, ownership and reliability of each individual cleaning company. TJA has found that what commercial cleaning companies really need is accountability.

Since the demand for qualified commercial cleaning services is greater than the supply, there is unlimited growth potential for anyone entering the commercial cleaning industry. The reasons for this strong growth potential are obvious. The commercial cleaning industry is viewed by many financial analysts as recession resistant and highly stable. Health care, education and other private facilities provide the best growth opportunities for commercial cleaning services; however, office buildings continue to comprise the largest commercial cleaning segment (32% worldwide) through 2012, followed by government buildings, institutions, retail/wholesale establishments and industrial facilities. With the excessive amount of high turnover (over 80% per year), the market is ready for the type of Business Model that The Janitorial Agency is set up for. Focusing on the marketing side of the industry helps The Janitorial Agency keep the profits at the maximum. TJA’s marketing fee is paid in advance, versus waiting the traditional way and hoping the commercial cleaning service company fulfills the contract.

The janitorial agency understands how the industry has continued to grow every year; since 1982 the commercial cleaning industry has grown 2%-6% each year. Having a continued growth during two of the worst recessions the US has experienced since the great depression, not only shows this industry is low risk, but also that it is a perfect opportunity for those who want security in becoming an entrepreneur.

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