Entrepreneur Program: Premier Plus Janitorial Program

The Premier Plus Janitorial Program's initial investment is based upon a sliding scale but begins at $20,500.00 (USD). An experienced Janitorial Entrepreneur will be excited to find a product which is designed to pump janitorial business volume opportunities into their company very quickly.

Also included in the Premier Plus Program are these additional benefits:

  • 50% less expensive than previous Premier Janitorial Program
  • No Required Janitorial Training Videos and Exams
  • $240,000.00 Janitorial Business Volume Opportunities
  • Get Janitorial Business Volume Opportunities up to 5 times faster than the Basic Janitorial Program
  • Janitorial Business Volume Opportunities based on annual gross revenue
  • Maintain janitorial proposal bidding decisions (hourly rates) through a process called "Bid-To-Win"
  • Customizable Program; based upon how much Janitorial Business Volume Opportunities your cleaning company needs.

Is This Entrepreneur Program Right For You?

With this Entrepreneur Program, The Janitorial Agency gives you placement of $240,000.00 in minimum business volume opportunities. Unlike franchises, The Janitorial Agency does not charge any hidden fees: royalties, volume, administrative, management, invoicing and/or documentation fees, only a 20% commission for each contract obtained on your behalf. As you grow your business, we do not have the power to take it away from you.

What's New...

TJA’s Premier Plus Program is here to replace the Aggressive and Premier Programs which existed from September 2009 until November 2011.


The Janitorial Agency recognizes the need to make changes to programs which will be both attractive, and beneficial to both The Janitorial Agency and our customers in this ever changing industry. We recognize the needs of our customers and would like to accommodate them. Previously, The Janitorial Agency has offered programs which met the needs of new janitorial/cleaning companies. We have learned over several years, who our customers are and where they are going. It is essential that we provide additional products, to even our current customers, which will be valuable to existing, experienced janitorial companies such as yours.


Our customers who have already begun developing their businesses require less in the way of janitorial industry training and more in the way of business volume opportunity and contract development. The Premier Plus Janitorial Program provides a focus on janitorial business volume opportunity development.

Because there are fewer training requirements in the Premier Plus Janitorial Program than in the Basic Janitorial Entrepreneur Program, you could get janitorial business volume opportunities up to five times faster!

Not only does Premier Plus Janitorial Program focus on janitorial business opportunity development, it is a perfect environment to learn The Janitorial Agency’s business model for those who may be interested in joining The Janitorial Agency Franchise System's Master Franchise team in the future.

Another major change in the program is that the Minimum Business Volume Opportunities you will receive will be strictly calculated based upon annual billings rather than contract term.

All bidding for business volume opportunities will be qualified and approved by you if bid less than $18.00 per hour.

How "Bid-To-Win" Works...

If any janitorial business volume opportunity is bid at a rate less than $18.00 per hour it will require that you specifically opt-in for The Janitorial Agency to bid that way on that particular account. (See Premier Plus Janitorial Program Agreement for more details)

Which Program is best for you?

Another feature to the Premier Plus Janitorial Program is that you can choose how many janitorial business volume opportunities you would like to begin with by just paying additional increments of $10,000.00. Each additional $10,000.00 package will bring you an additional $120,000.00 in business volume opportunities.

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