Sue Bowers

Sue Bowers

Janitorial Agency Employee Profile

The caring professionalism demonstrated by the people at The Janitorial Agency Services Corp. rivals that of any other cleaning organization including all the major franchises. Sue Bowers has been with TJASC for over two years and is still in love with her consultant position. She says “My job is helping people. I can’t think of a better way to make a living!”

Sue says, “Everybody has talents that are to be used for the benefit of others; this is especially true in the janitorial business. I can’t imagine having all the knowledge that I’ve acquired throughout my years at The Janitorial Agency, and not having a creative outlet to use that experience. I really love my job at TJASC.”

When asked what it takes for her clients to experience success in their entrepreneurial cleaning endeavors, Sue says, “To achieve any level of success in the commercial cleaning industry, a person must be hungry for knowledge, humble enough to receive gentle correction, and possess enough enthusiasm to keep going when things get difficult. And yes, TJASC’s program is challenging. But it is incredibly doable with the help we provide.”

There have been many memorable clients for Sue during her years with The Janitorial Agency, but when asked to remember one in particular, she said, “We are currently working with a cleaning entrepreneur who is a very young man; he doesn’t have much life experience and is about 20 years old. He lost his entire family in a tragic twist of fate, and wanted to invest the life insurance money into a cleaning business. He contacted us and he was a good fit for the janitorial services we provide. I love working with him because he is an entrepreneur who is as brave as a lion when it comes to stepping out and making hard things happen. His drive to succeed is an inspiration to me.”

Sue says that The Janitorial Agency is the perfect choice for new businesses because, “We work together like a body, and everybody understands their part in the commercial cleaning industry. We’re like a big family at The Janitorial Agency. Every morning our President, Steve Conner, teaches a professional development segment to keep us on the cutting edge.”
When asked what is hard about her job, Sue says, “I always find it hard when one of our janitorial clients fails to follow this simple, time-tested program, for whatever reason, and loses their momentum. Usually this is due to stubborn pride and an inability to follow good advice. It’s really painful to watch someone in the janitorial industry fail, but I’m only as good as my clients will permit me to be. My experience, strength and hope are of no use when clients refuse to let me help.”

The Janitorial Agency’s clients enjoy being independent entrepreneurs. Sue says, “Our franchising competitors treat their clients like employees. Franchisers tell their clients that they will own their business, people believe them and give them their money, but it’s actually a lie. It’s bitter/sweet when we take on a new client who was with a franchise system. It’s bitter because I feel for their loss, and sweet because now I’m in a position to help build them up the right way. We don’t franchise, we believe in free enterprise. For this reason alone, The Janitorial Agency will be around for a long time.”

Sue enjoys several activities when not busy at The Janitorial Agency. She gardens, works with Ducks Unlimited, and enjoys Lugnuts baseball. Her relationship with God remains in the forefront of her life. She says, “Without some kind of spiritual place to reflect, I’d be without much comfort. I owe everything to my relationship with God.”

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