The Janitorial Agency Testimonials

Reviews From Satisfied Clients of The Janitorial Agency

Tim Witherspoon and Turquoise Bennett

Owners - Kingdom Workers

Tim and Turquoise Bennett are the brother and sister team behind Kingdom Workers, the latest cleaning company to pass preliminary certification with The Janitorial Agency. After stopping in at our main headquarters, they are ready to begin walk throughs and start finding cleaning contracts for their new janitorial company! The Bennetts were very happy with their training here, and are very excited to see whatʼs next for their cleaning business as they continue on their way to small business ownership.

Reggie Byrd

Owner - Top Choice Cleaning Service

Our newest addition to the list of successful clients at The Janitorial Agency, Reggie Byrd and his business partners have completed preliminary certification for their business, Top Choice Cleaning Services. As they begin the walkthrough process, Byrd and his partners are all very confident in the training they have had with us, and were extremely grateful for the patience demonstrated to them during their training. The Janitorial Agency is excited to see another client take the next step to small business ownership, and expects great things from their cleaning company!

Pearlye Bell and Ashley Brooks

Owners - Sparkling Pearl Cleaning Services

Pearlye Bell, and her business partner Ashley Brooks, of Sparkling Pearl Cleaning Services have completed their preliminary training at The Janitorial Agency. Both owners expressed their gratitude for the customer service and specialized attention they received during their consulting, and the lessons in marketing that have proved invaluable to their business. Now that they have started their training with Denise Shattuck, they are ready to begin doing walkthroughs and start gaining contracts for their business!

Walter McGhee

Owner - Reputations Cleaning Service

Reputations Cleaning Services is ready to begin the final phase of training after Walter McGhee stopped to our main office in to finish preliminary certification. Mr. McGhee has been in business for the past three years, servicing the Detroit area in southern Michigan, but a lack of marketing knowledge led him to invest with The Janitorial Agency to get his commercial cleaning company really up and running. Now that he has finished his training with our consulting team, Walter is ready to begin serious walkthroughʼs where he will start to gain more clients and business opportunities.

After doing his initial consulting with Sue Bowers, Walter has described his business relationship with The Janitorial Agency as being part of a family. “There were times I had questions or was nervous about something, and I could always call Sue and talk to her about it.” As he moves on to the final stage of training, Mr. McGhee is confident and optimistic that his business will continue to flourish.

Diogo Deabreu

Owner - Prosperity Cleaning Services

After working for a few janitorial companies through college, and seeing his parentʼs self-employed example, Mr. Deabreu realized he was not reaching his full potential by simply looking for a day job. Attracted to the industry with his experience as a springboard, Diogo decided to start his very own janitorial company. Now that he is finished with his preliminary certification, Mr. Deabreu is excited to see the growth of his business as he progresses in the process of small business ownership.

Last year, for the 2011 Memorial Day Historic Event, Michael Gebrezie made sure to be one of the clients who didn't miss out on this spectacular event. Since coming on with us in May of 2011, he has met with much success working with The Janitorial Agency.

Michael Gebrezie

Owner - Vision Crosstown Building Maintenance Service

With some experience in commercial cleaning already under his belt, Mike Gebrezie is ready to get started with his own business, now that his preliminary training is complete. Mr. Gebrezie is excited to see the cleaning contracts his upcoming walk-through training will bring to his blossoming business.

With 5 years of experience in janitorial work, Mike decided it was time to go into business for himself. After finding The Janitorial Agency online, and seeing the opportunities they promised, Mr. Gebrezie jumped on board and is now well on his way to starting a very successful commercial cleaning company.

Reggie Acosta

Reggie Acosta has learned a lot about small business ownership throughout his training with The Janitorial Agency. After spending quite a bit of time in construction, and even attempting his own construction business, Mr. Acosta decided to try the janitorial industry. It wasnʼt long after that, that he arrived at our main headquarters in Michigan to finish his preliminary training and start his walkthrough training.

While learning a lot about the industry, networking, and professionalism, Reggie was able to form a strong business relationship with his consultants. “I had a lot unanswered questions, but they were able to answer them for me. Everyone I worked with was very knowledgable. I feel much better about the next step in starting my business.” Since most other companies in his area have not received the formal training he has, Reggie is confident he will have an advantage over his competition.

Ernest Braxton

Owner - New Vision LLC

Ernest Braxton has completed his preliminary training in record time. After deciding to start his own business this past January, Mr. Braxton found The Janitorial Agency, flew through training, and is now ready to start finding clients! Throughout his training, Ernest was impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the the staff at The Janitorial Agency, an impression that stuck out to him as one of the highlights of his training.

“Everyone was very helpful, they know what they are talking about. You can tell they have a passion to see your business get started.” Through his training with Sue Bowers, Mr. Braxton learned a lot about being professional and maintaining a business that will see success in the near future. He is confident that this experience will see him through any obstacle that the industry may throw at him.

Arslanbaatar (Aggie) Tserendorj

Owner - AJ Janitorial LLC

Arslanbaatar (Aggie) Tserendorj has been in the cleaning industry since 1999 working for a couple different cleaning companies. Recently, Aggieʼs experience in the industry has given him the courage to start his very own cleaning business. Realizing that just knowing how to clean wasnʼt enough, Aggie invested with The Janitorial Agency to learn more about the business operation side of things. Now that he has passed preliminary certification, he is ready to start walk-throughʼs and start finding clients that will launch his brand new business.

Aggie was most excited with the helpful consulting he had with Logan. “I had been in cleaning for a long time, but I didnʼt know anything about running a business. Logan was very helpful and everything I learned from him was great.” Mr. Tserendorj is excited to see the growth that is yet to come for his company, AJ Janitorial.

Terrence Brown

Terrence Brown, of iCleanClean, has been in business for over 10 years. Having just completed his preliminary training with The Janitorial Agency, Mr. Brown is even more confident that his business has what it needs to succeed. After his visit to our main headquarters in March, 2012, Mr. Brown and iCleanClean are ready to start walkthrough training, where he will start to gain clients and contracts for his business.

“While I was talking to Denise [Shattuck] I could tell she was very precise. Everything was to the T. I could tell her personality over the phone before I ever met her in person. She knows what she is doing, and I am very excited to develop a business relationship with her.” Terrence also greatly appreciated the training he went through with his consultant, Logan. The biggest thing he took away from that training, he says, were his misguided preconceptions of what working in the janitorial industry would be. Now that he is ready for walk-throughs, Terrence couldnʼt be more happy.

Joe St. Peter

Owner - S. St. Peter Cleaning

Joe St.Peter has been in business for over 12 years, but he now feels even more qualified to gain contracts thanks to his training with The Janitorial Agency. “We arenʼt know-it-alls, but we have been there. There was still a lot we got out of the training.” After just over 4 months in our preliminary training program, S. St. Peter Cleaning is now back to gaining contracts and on their way to even greater success.

Mr. St.Peter was first attracted to The Janitorial Agency after trying telemarketing to get his company off the ground. “We were gaining contracts, but after a while I just realized telemarketing wasnʼt working for me. After looking around a little online I found you guys.” Joe spent his consulting with Sue, and learned a lot from her despite his many years in business experience. Now that he is moving into contract acquisition training, he is excited to see the progress his business will make.

James Fields

Owner - Reliable Office Cleaning

Mr. Fields was originally attracted to the janitorial industry because of itʼs notoriety for easy start-ups. Thanks to his previous experience in the industry coupled with his hard work ethic, James is now ready to start his walk-through training and begin gaining clients for his business.

“There were a lot of things in my preliminary training that stood out to me, but if I had to pinpoint one it would be the walk-through training.” After his visit to our main office, James appreciated how much he had learned, despite having an MBA and being in business for three years prior to his training with The Janitorial Agency. “Everyone there is very nice, professional, they all know what they are talking about.” Mr. Fields also said that this training has made his business a more well-rounded competitor for clients in his area.

Coldon Harding

Owner - Harco Clean

After spending some time in the pest control industry, Coldon Harding is ready to begin walk-through's with his brand new janitorial company, Harco Clean. After realizing the janitorial industry was a solid business to get into, Mr. Harding came to us for help with training. He says the tools he has now will aid him in gaining clients, and he is encouraged by the continued support he will receive, even after he gets started on his own.Mr. Fields also said that this training has made his business a more well-rounded competitor for clients in his area.

Tyrone Monmirail

Owner - Trinity Cleaning Services

Tyrone Monmirail, of Trinity Cleaning Services, talks about his training with us, and how he got started.

Sandeep Gill

Owner - Always Cleaning

On his first visit to the USA, Mr. Gill finished his preliminary training with us!

Mehretab Sahlezghi

Owner - Selina Cleaning Company

Mehreteb Sahlezghi has worked in the janitorial industry for the past 5 years. After finishing school to be an Electrician, Mehreteb came to The Janitorial Agency for help with getting his own janitorial business started. Now that he has finished preliminary certification, Mr. Sahlezghi is ready to start walk-through training, where he will find contract opportunities and start his business.

Mr. Sahlezghi has a very solid understand of the janitorial industry. Adding his experience to The Janitorial Agencyʼs training has made him an even more marketable business owner. Mehreteb has an extremely high work ethic, which is something he believes will make him more successful than his competitors. In todayʼs economy, Mehreteb also believe owning his own business will provide a more stable working position since it eliminates the risk of layoffs, a common occurrence in his previous area of work.

Tim Lilly

Owner - ReNu

Tim Lilly has been running his own business, ReNu, for several years now. To make his business more profitable and relevant, he decided to add a janitorial service to his repertoire. Now that his preliminary training is complete, Mr. Lilly is now ready to offer professional, reliable cleaning services to his many clients.

Since he had been in business for several years already, the training process was a breeze for Mr. Lilly. “I appreciated the way I could just plug into [The Janitorial Agencyʼs] business plan. Their business plan is what originally attracted me to working with them.” Tim also thought the consulting process was very helpful, and is now confident that having The Janitorial Agency at his back will aid him in gaining even more clients in the future.

Suhkee Davasuren

Owner - IJS Pure Clean

After spending the last 20 years in the janitorial industry, Sukhee Davasuren of IJS Pure Clean is now ready to unveil his own business. As he begins the walk-through process, he is grateful for the continued support he can access as his company starts to grow.

Cool Bee Touch

Nathaniel Espiritu

Owner - Cool Bee Touch

“Weʼre always ready for business!” says Nathaniel Espiritu of Cool Bee Touch. Hailing from Vancouver Canada, Nathaniel is ready for walk-throughʼs after his visit today at The Janitorial Agency. Mr. Espiritu says the most helpful thing he has acquired through his training with us was the knowledge he will gain through the walk-through process, so he is very excited to begin this next step in building his business.

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Elegant Cleaning Professional LLC

Woody Phillippe and Adiel Paul

Owners - Elegant Cleaning Professional LLC

Guaranteeing top quality work from their business, Woody Phillippe and Adiel Paul have recently emerged from The Janitorial Agencyʼs preliminary training program with their company Elegant Cleaning Professional. Now that they are ready for walk-throughs, these two entrepreneurs are happy with the success they have seen so far.

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Clifford Iweorah

Owner - Cliffmeg Janitorial

Cliffemeg Janitorial Services has completed their preliminary training with us, and they are now ready for the walk-through process after their visit with us last Thursday. Clifford and Margaret Iweorah are excited about the business opportunities the janitorial industry provides, and are confident that The Janitorial Agency will be a support to them, as their business continues to grow.

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21st Century

Ngoc Phan

Owner - 21st Century Janitorial

21st Century Janitorial, represented by Ngoc Phan, boasts acute attention to detail as their biggest advantage in the janitorial industry. Having just finished their preliminary certification with The Janitorial Agency, 21st Century Janitorial is ready for walkthrough ʼs and will soon be acquiring contracts to start their business.

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Walter Castillo

Owner - Prestige Cleaning Solution

Cleaning entrepreneur Walter Castillo has been in the industry for several years, but until joining The Janitorial Agency, he hasn’t reached the level of success he desires. With the help of The Janitorial Agency, Mr. Castillo and Prestige Cleaning Solution (PCS) has acquired contracts and has successfully completed training. Today Mr. Castillo looks forward to high earnings for PCS and less stress over making ends meet. The following is an interview with Mr. Castillo about his experience with The Janitorial Agency.

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Lajuana Butler

Owner - Ladybug Cleaning Service

LaJuana Butler is an extremely smart and savvy businesswoman. She made $85,000 her first year in business without The Janitorial Agency, but said that there was a major insurmountable obstacle in her way, that she just couldn’t put her finger on, that was keeping her prize out of reach. Butler said that it was God’s Will that prevented her from taking her business to the next level. She realized that she needed help to get where she really wanted to be. She took her time training with The Janitorial Agency and finally feels prepared with a sound foundation to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

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Doan Nguyen

Owner - JB Janitorial Services

Doan Nguyen is a thoroughly satisfied customer with The Janitorial Agency Services Corp (TJASC). She had an unpleasant experience with one of The Janitorial Agency’s franchise competitors and let that relationship die away as soon as she could. She agreed that the freedom The Janitorial Agency offers has made her dream of independence come true for her and her company, JB Janitorial Services. With her new business relationship, Doan is able to take ownership of every contract she acquires, whether through The Janitorial Agency, or by her own entrepreneurial wit gained from working with The Janitorial Agency. She lost all of her contracts when she left the franchise; she walked away with nothing to show for her hard work. Doan is glad to have found someone in this industry that operates with integrity. She thanks The Janitorial Agency immensely.

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Gustavius Coleman

Owner - Coleman Cleaning Service

Gustavius Coleman knew there was more to running a successful cleaning company than basic cleaning know-how. With the help of The Janitorial Agency Services Corp., Gustavius has found continued success for his commercial cleaning company, Coleman Cleaning Service. Along with education cleaning courses, and current sales trends and tips, Gustavius passed his courses and used his gained knowledge to build his company to the level of success he always wanted.

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Xavier McDaniel

Owner - 34 X Man Cleaning

Former Super Sonics forward, Xavier McDaniel, is taking the same hunger, humility, and zeal that he used on the court when dunking on Michael Jordan, to the task of owning and operating a professional commercial cleaning company. Always up for a little friendly competition, Xavier raced a friend to see who would sign up with The Janitorial Agency first. Both friends are running separate, but highly successful, professional commercial cleaning companies with The Janitorial Agency.

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All-Round Cleaning Company

George Mvundura

Owner - All-Round Cleaning Company

George Mvundura has been able to fulfill his dream of starting his own family business, All-Round Cleaning Company, with the help of The Janitorial Agency. Mr. Mvundura was thankful for the specific pointers and advice The Janitorial Agency offered throughout his training, and says he has a greater understanding of sales and contract acquisition from the training he received. Now that he has completed training, All-Round Cleaning Company is ready for business.

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