The Janitorial Agency Versus a Cleaning Franchise

How The Janitorial Agency can help you succeed as an independent commercial cleaning company

If you’re an advocate for doing things in life to the fullest, especially when it comes to making a living, then this article is a must-read. If you’re going to go into business, why go into it with a leash around your neck held by a powerful franchisor? If you choose to be a franchisee, it’s like being an $8.00 - $10.00 an hour employee, with the workload of a CEO. When you choose to do business with The Janitorial Agency, you are in charge of how large you’d like to become without the pains of paying yearly royalties and other such hindrances to independence. If you’re thinking of starting, or growing, your commercial cleaning business, then let this article act as a pointed piece of insight to aid you in your decision.

Most people who have been in the workforce for any length of time can agree that they all want one thing above anything else - independence. We all want to be free to be our own bosses, free from the problems that come from being at the boss’ mercy. Job security is elusive in this economy, and in the $150 billion a year recession-proof commercial cleaning industry, The Janitorial Agency leads the way for entrepreneurs to step into business freedom.

The Janitorial Agency and major franchisors both provide business models for clients to follow. Both The Janitorial Agency and franchisors require an initial investment in your business endeavor. But the similarities stop there. Franchisees never stop answering to their franchisors; whereas, the entrepreneurs who go with The Janitorial Agency ultimately enjoy prosperous freedom. If at anytime in your relationship with The Janitorial Agency, you feel led to sever ties with them, all it takes is a phone call, and The Janitorial Agency will wish you well. You’ll leave The Janitorial Agency with your own business name, your own logo, your own optimized website, and all the foundational pieces you’ve laid along the way (a business plan, employee handbooks, training & certification, etc.) Not to mention each and every contract you’ve ever acquired. But if you’d like a life-time of business advice and guidance, The Janitorial Agency will be there for you.

When you’re a franchisee, everything is temporary. You temporarily own the rights to the franchisor’s trademark, brand name, product or service, and operating methods. If you ever want to be free from the franchisor, you’ll walk away with nothing; no business name, no logo, no marketing, no work. In fact, if you started a contract that you acquired on your own, you still have to forfeit it because you were using your franchise name.

Another thing to think of is that with a franchise, you own the building or land your franchise is on, but if the franchisor ever goes out of business, you’d be stuck with a building no one would want to buy because your franchisor’s business is no more. At The Janitorial Agency, you are free to grow your business at no extra cost to you. The Janitorial Agency will help you get as big as you’d like to be, and you stand on your own two feet.

Franchises offer a proven method of carrying out business procedures, a nationally known brand name, a complete training program, research and development into new products and services, national advertising and marketing. Nevertheless, the need to own more than one franchise is often prevalent due to the fact that one franchise is usually not enough to live on. It can get very expensive to “own” a franchise.

The Janitorial Agency offers guaranteed business volume opportunities, over twenty training courses including prospecting, web site optimization and search engine optimization so that your business could be found on Google’s first page of the search, national marketing, and a proven business model that will work for anybody that applies it to their business. But most important is the fact that with The Janitorial Agency, you’re free to own and operate your own business. You own your business and all the contracts you acquire are in your business’ name. Other franchise opportunities in the commercial cleaning industry reserve the right to take away their clients’ contracts, but not at The Janitorial Agency; you own all your contracts outright because our Entrepreneur Programs are not franchise programs!

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